Wood Carving

A wood carving tool kit which I received as birthday present got me interested in this craft. I started carving on Artist Carving block which "cuts like butter" exactly as the manufacturer claims. As a beginner, it is the best way to start practicing. Once you are comfortable handling the tools, you can slowly graduate to soft wood.

I have used the Artist craving block in picture 1 shown below. I have made a rubber stamp with this block.

I have shown the soft wood frame in picture 2.

I got the designs shown in my gallery from the internet .

Tools for the trade



My Gallery

Soap Carving

If you are finding hard to crave wood, I recently found that soap is better material to use. I collect big soap bars usually for its smell and I also keep it inside my Armoire as it leaves all my clothes fresh smelling. The project below is done on one such soap bar. Transfer the design and use stylus which we use for embossing at first and then use the same tool which you use for wood carving or you can also use clay tool.