Woodburning (Pyrography) can be learned easily. All you need is a steady hand which you can get through some practice. Start out with simple patterns. Woodburning kits are available in your local craft stores. The wood-burner comes with interchangeable "tips" for special as well as basic techniques.

I referred "Creative Woodburning", a step by step instruction guide from the Walnut Hollow Farm. One of my projects (Sudden Storm) which I have shown in my gallery was from this book.

Tools of the Trade

Wooden Planks


Transfer paper

Wood burner

Special Technique Points ( optional)



Find a clean and uncluttered area and protect your surface since you are working with the tool which could damage your surface. Always lay the burning tool on its sides or better keep a ceramic tile or container to hold the pen.

Take the plank you are planning to work on and smooth it slightly with a sand paper. Now transfer your pattern to your wood using a graphite paper. Using a fine tip pencil trace all the elements of your pattern on to the wood. Press firmly but not hard enough to damage your wood. It is always good to familiarize yourself with the wood burning pen by practicing on a scrape wood.

When working on the design always work towards yourself with the pen at a slant. Follow the outlines of the image with the point or the sharp edge, at first, by always moving the tip towards you. As you learn you will find you can move the pen sideways and around the corners and curves by holding the pen straighter or leaning it slightly in the direction of motion, moving only as fast as the tip burns its way. Regulate the depth and width of your line by applying more or less pressure, moving faster or slower, and by holding the pen straighter or slanting it. After you have outlined your image ,you can shade backgrounds if desired. To make darker impression tilt the pen so that the flat face of the tip contacts the wood, moving only as fast as you get the darkness you want. For texture, you can move the pen back and forth with short, quick strokes.

You can color your patterns with oil colored pencil and finish it by applying a clear coat of wood sealer.


Creative Wood burning -An artist's portfolio of woodburning Patterns from Walnut Hollow Farm

My Gallery

Sudden Storm