Soft Pastels

I never thought that a simple visit to a nearby book store one rainy afternoon would lead me to a world of luminous pastels. As I was browsing through the section on painting mediums, I found "The Pastel artist's Bible". Since then, I have been an ardent fan of this medium.

Though Pastels are of basically 4 kinds-Soft, Hard, Oil and Pencil , I have only tried my hand in Soft Pastel since I find it more convenient to blend and cover large sections. My only problem with soft pastel is that my hands become very messy and sometimes unconsciously I touch my face. In that respect, Pencil pastels are much cleaner but it is very hard to cover a larger section of your work, At the same time it is excellent for intricate work.

Tools of the trade

Soft Pastel

Pencil Pastel

My Gallery








Details of Paintings shown in my Gallery

1 & 3 are my attempts to reproduce Karen Margulis' work given in her website (the link to this website is provided in "Refences and Resources" section below).

2 & 4 are my attempts to reproduce Paintings obtained from the internet.

5 & 6 are my attempts to reproduce Paintings given in the book "The Pastel Artist's Bible" (edited by Claire Waite Brown).

7 is my own creation.

If this has not inspired you then lets move on and see a real Artist Colin Bradley at work. One of the most inspiring Youtube links I have seen!! I have started practicing with the links I have given below. Hope this is going to inspire you a little more.

References and Resources

1.The Pastel Artist's Bible" edited by Claire Waite Brown

2. Karen Margulis' website I have given below is excellent and has been a great inspiration for me. I would strongly recommend this site.

Karen Margulis' website -