Reverse Glass Painting

Reverse Glass Painting (RGP) is an art where it requires the artist to paint on one side of the glass, while it will be viewed from the other side. Basically the non- painted surface will be the side that is displayed.

The technique is a little unusual and tricky initially. When we start to create a painting on a canvas, we first make a rough outline and then proceed to paint the background and then normally end with all the finer details and finishing touches. But with the Reverse Glass painting, the procedure starts with the finer details first and then ends with the background. Hence the expression “Reverse Glass Painting”. One has to keep in mind that whatever appears in the foreground is painted first. For example, on canvas, you would paint the face (skintone) first and then the features like eyes, nose, eyebrows and lips whereas in RGP, the features are painted first followed by the face (skintone). To give another example, in other paintings, the artist signs his/her name after the painting is completed whereas in the case of Reverse Glass Painting, this is done at the beginning.

As glass is a non-absorbent painting support, it does not allow paint to adhere itself. It takes a while for the paint to go through its own drying process. So painting without smudging the surrounding areas of undried paint will require a lot of patience and certain amount of skill (learnt through experience).

I have used “Jewel Paint” and Enamel paint in these paintings. I have also used Gold Foil for all these paintings except the Peacock. Hindu gods are a good subject when it comes to reverse glass painting as they are adorned with lots of jewelry. That is when the Jewel paint and the gold foil comes of in its full glory.

The last painting of the vase with flowers, I got the design from a book "Stitch and Stencil" I tried the same reversed glass technique but with a twist. There are two glass panel. On one I painted the orange flowers and the vase because I wanted it in the forefront and on the second glass I painted the yellow flowers which I wanted in the background. When you put the glass painted with yellow flowers behind the glass with the vase. It gives the whole picture a 3 Dimensional effect. It was just an experiment. I am sure many of you will definitely come up with other fantastic technique.

My Gallery

I tried the very same technique on OHP transparencies and found that the results were amazing!! The next 6 pictures below are done on OHP Transparencies.

My young friends too have learnt this craft very well. Here is a sample of their work.

Want to take Reverse glass Painting to an advanced level? Watch the you tube link I have given below where an artist is at his work. Enjoy!!!!!!