Polymer Clay Creations

Polymer Clay Creations

Lately Polymer Clay has been a great source of pleasure for me. Though I used to work with clay it was mostly restricted to making flowers and animals. But for the past year it has digressed into jewelry making.

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Tools for the trade

Fimo or Sculpy clay


Needle or tooth pick (in case for Kids)

Shaping tools (which we do not need right now)

Pasta machine

Pasta machine is needed to work the clay. But if you don't have one, no problem just knead the clay with your fingers and use roller to make flat sheets.

It is always better to start with small critters when you are a beginner. At first the basic shapes you will need is Balls and Logs. Work with small pieces and as you keep having leftover crumbs try to mush them together and reuse. Try not to mix colors and always store them in a Ziplock bag.

Lets start with a Doggie head which I have illustrated below: Children are sure to love this!!!! These creations can be turned into a Refrigerator Magnets or Stick it on Picture Frames ,make Barrettes or let your imagination take the best of you.....

Supplies needed

Tooth Pick


Magnets any shape (strip or button)

PS : Always work on Parchment paper or a piece of glass and keep a little cornstarch or talc powder handy. Smear a little over your fingers now and then so that you don't leave fingerprints on the clay.


Shape white, black and red clay into balls the way shown below.

Now use your thumb and press on both the white balls. Pinch the bigger ball (Face) a little on the top. Take the tooth pick and make an indentation down the center of the second smaller ball which is the muzzle. The 2 black balls are for the ears, roll them into a log shape and taper towards the end. The next two small black ball is the nose and a heart patch for the eye. The bigger red ball is for the collar and small one for the bow. Roll the clay into a log shape and taper it at both ends and the smaller ball can be pinched from both sides to form a small bow. Press the bow on to the collar at an angle.

Use the side of the toothpick to indent a groove in the top of the face. And then press the muzzle to the lower side of the face.

Take the ears and attach it by pressing it slowly to either side of the upper head.

Now take the black heart shaped eye patch and place it where the eye should go at an angle. Poke both eye holes and make two indents each for eyebrows above the eyes.

Poke holes on the muzzle to make whisker holes.

Now this is how a finished head looks....

Take the nose, add two nostril holes and attach the nose centered to the muzzle top.

Attach the Red collar to the lower part of the head.

Bake at 2250 F for 20 minutes.Take the magnet and use the glue and attach it to the back side. Voila......and your dogie is ready to be mounted on the refrigerator.

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References and Resources

1. How to do Fimo if you think you can't by Cecilia Determan

2. Creating Life -Like Animals in Polymer Clay by Katherine Dewey

3. How to make Clay Characters by Maureen Carlson

4. Making Miniature Flowers with Polymer Clay by Barbara Quast

Polymer Clay Necklace Sets

Each piece is purely handmade with great attention to details.Whether it is for yourself or as a gift I am sure these pieces are sure to be treasured by all.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece let me know and we can discuss your requirements. I would Love to make custom pieces and am always up for a new challenge. If there is any particular color combinations you like, please don't hesitate to ask.

I hope you love them as much I love making them!!!!!!!

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