Pergamano which is also known by the name Parchment Craft is the art of embossing, perforating and cutting with special tools, on a parchment paper, to create lacy design and also cutworks which are done usually on a cloth.

I happened to come across the book "Traditional Papercrafts" by Janet Wilson and I have been hooked on it ever since. The craft needs special tools, which has been hard to find in my local craft store but can definitely can be bought online. As a beginner, you will find a lot of free patterns on the internet which can help you practice.

Tools Of The Trade

Perforating Needles

Mouse Pad, Bone folder, embossing tools, scissors

Vellum Paper

Chalk Pastel Pencil & Gel Pen

My Gallery

(I Picked up most of the Patterns from the Internet)

My References and Resources

Here are a few Instructions For Parchment Craft I found on You Tube

Here is a book I would like to recommend:

Traditional Papercraft by Janet Wilson