Never in my dreams did I think my birthday gift from a loved one will result in a conception of a new page in my site. Well!!! That's what happens when you get A Cuttlebug as a gift. Now if you are new to this term.... OMG!!! where have you been............. Ah!!! Just kidding. Below is the pic of a Cuttlebug Machine. Now you may ask what does it do????????? It is used with dies and embossing folders to cut shapes and to emboss any paper and cardstock.

The Cuttlebug does not need any electrical power to function and it's compact and easy to carry around. There are folders that you get which you sandwich the piece of cardstock in, run it through the machine and it comes out embossed. The dies are done the same way except you get precise cut shapes. The second part of my gift was a dozen punches which were of different shapes. Though I was aware of a few things to make with it, it was from browsing the web I learnt a lot more of other ways to use these punches. Will teach you guys as I learn. Well!!!! Let me warn you guys, "Once you start you will never stop".


Cuttlebug Folders available for embossing Cardstock

Dies available for cutting

A few Nestabilities used for cutting and embossing

I used Cuttlebug to make a lot of embossed cards which I have in my Gallery. Still trying out and learning new things to do with it.I have also tried making gift tags which I must say was simply gorgeous.

These are a few punches below which I have used every way possible. I have illustrated a few ways to use below . Try it and prepare to be addicted

Making a Miniature spiral Rose

Tools for the trade

Blending Chalk




A penny

Slotted tool

Card stock


1. Trace around the penny

2. Make a spiral shape inside the Circle as shown below. Be careful that you don't draw too dark. I have just darkened it so that it can be seen well on the photographs.

3. Cut along the spiral line

4. Take a slotted tool and insert it in the end of the spiral and start rolling. Do not roll too tight. Continue rolling until you get to the center of the spiral. Remove the rosette from the tool and let it loose so that it blooms open. Glue the center of the spiral under the rosette. Flip over your rose and gently curl the outer petal.

5. Take a paper punch and punch out 6 circle around 9/32'" diameter.

6. Start sticking the punched circle under the rosette. See that every circle overlaps a little. You will be using 5 of the circle . The last circle, glue it to the center of the Rose.

7. Now flip the rose over and curl the outer circle you glued a little. Use a skewer, it will be easier. I used blending chalk and brushed it lightly over the petals just to give some definition to the flower.

Making a Rose with a scalloped edge punch and scalloped edge scissors

Tools for the Trade

  1. Blending chalk

  2. Circular Scalloped punch

  3. Scalloped Scissor

  4. Pencil

  5. Glue

  6. Slotted Tool

  7. Toothpick


1. I used scalloped punch to make the scalloped circle. Make the spiral inside the circle and cut it with a scalloped edge scissor.

Be careful that you don't draw it too dark.

2. Use the slotted tool and insert it in the end of the spiral and start rolling. Do not roll too tight.

3. Continue rolling until you get to the center of the spiral.

4. Remove the rosette from the tool and let it loose so that it blooms open. Glue the center of the spiral under the rosette.

5. Flip over your rose and gently curl the outer petal with a skewer or a toothpick.

6. Brush it lightly over the petals with chalk or soft pastel, just to give bring a little life to the Rose

Making a Rose with a 5 petal flower punch

Tools for the trade

Blending chalk

5 petal paper punch




Card Stock


  1. Punch out 3, 5 petal flowers as shown below

2. Cut each flower as shown below

3.Glue the ends of each flower to form a petal cone. Now you have a 5 petal cone, 4 petal cone, 3 petal cone, 2 petal cone and a 1 petal cone.

4. Curl each petal outwardly with a skewer or a toothpick

5. After you curl all the petals, it will look as I have show below.

6.Snip the end of 4 petal cone,3 petal cone ,2 petal cone and 1 petal cone

7. Now glue the snipped 4 petal cone inside the 5 petal cone

8. Repeat step 7 but this time use 3,2,1 petal cone respectively.

9. Voila'.... your rose is ready for some dimensions.

10. I brushed it lightly with some blending chalk and curled the edges of each petal again as it had lost its shape due to constant fingering. There you are!!!!!! I hope each rose you make will bring a little joy to your life.

Making Hydrangea

Tools for the Trade

Blending chalk or stamping pad Blue and Yellow


Heart shaped punch

Embossing stylus

Mouse pad

Half Pearl sticker or pearly white paint

1" strip of cardstock


  1. Take the strip of cardstock and punch out the way shown below. Be careful as to leave a little space between the point and the fold. Punch out 2 to make 1 flower

2. You will have 2 folded punched cardstock to work with as shown below

3. Now unfold the punched cardstock

4. Place the punched petals on a mouse pad and with an embossing tool to make fine veins in the center

5. Add a little yellow to the middle and it will look as I have shown below

6. Shade the edges with blue

7. Apply a tiny drop of glue in the middle and place the second petal on top so that it resembles a flower.

8. Use the bigger embossing stylus and give a little shape to the petals.

9. Use the same stylus in the center too.

10. Finally take a pearl sticker and glue to to the center.If unable to find a 1/2 pearl sticker put a tiny drop of pearly white paint

Making Leaves

Tools for the Trade

Crimping tool

1" strip of Card stock fold into half



  1. Take 1" strip of card stock Fold it half and draw the shape of leaf you want as shown below

2. Cut the shape as shown

3. Picture of the unfolded leaf shown below

4. Fold the leaf as before and put it through the crimping tool. Keep it slightly slanted

5. This is how it looks after using the crimping tool

6. Unfold and Voila'...... your leaf is ready

Making Carnations

  1. Punch 7 1.5" scalloped circle from the coffee filter.

2. Mist the scallops with water

3. Pick up each wet scallops one at a time and place it on a paper towel

4. Take watercolor ( crimson red) and slightly brush the edges of the scallops which are still wet. Then let it dry.

5. Gather all the scallops and place it one on top of the other. Make a hole in the center and put a brad through the scallops, like the way shown below

6. The picture below shows the reverse side of the scallops with the brad pin straightened so that it holds the scallops together

7. Separate the first scallop, bring it to the center and squish.

8. Repeat the same to all the scallops one at a time

9. Once all the scallops are squished together to the center, this is how it is going to look

10. Gently spread them back open one layer at a time so the it resembles a bloomed carnation

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My Gallery

The Vases and the Butterflies in the pictures below were made using Vellum paper with Pergamano designs. The brown flower basket was Quilled