Miniature Gardening

Miniature Gardening

After the long awaited winter I was all set to start my gardening and then came the California drought.

I was dying to put my hands into the earthy soil and had all my designs planned out. My vegetable seeds had started to germinate and my veggie patch all cleaned and ploughed. But then everyday either I would read in the newspaper or hear on the radio about the shortage of water this season courtesy of the water company who kept reminding us to use water efficiently. I knew I had to be careful with my water usage too. With the severity of the state drought expanding, I knew i had to change my plans for gardening this year.

I didn't want to give up gardening completely. That's when I started looking around for alternatives and the idea of miniature gardening popped up. I knew this was the perfect solution for my problem. I could continue with my hobby as well as conserve water. What perfect solution!!!! I could even incorporate my previous garden plans which I had designed before the pre drought. Another wonderful thing was that I could combine my 2 hobbies clay modelling and gardening together. The best part of this kind of gardening, you don't have to stop gardening during the winter months , bring your gardening indoor and continue with your hobby.

I have a small tutorial for you guys if you are interested in miniature gardening

Tools for the trade


Mexican rocks

Decorative rocks


Small spade

Sphagnum moss

Handmade Clay Accessories

Plants of your liking ( I chose Irish moss and succulents)


1.Take any container of your liking. Add some gravel underneath

2. Top it up with a little sphagnum moss. This will help to kept the soil moist.

3. Add potting soil on top of the moss.

4. Start designing your garden. I planted Irish moss on either side of the steps which I made with the Mexican rocks.

5. Added a few succulents behind the Irish moss for height

6. Added a rock vertically to resemble a boulder

7. Take the base of the tealight and paint it blue

8. Place the candle base at the right hand corner towards the front.

9. Add a few decorative rock around

10. I added my handmade accessories like the bamboo hut and the bird bath. Also poured a little water in the candle base

11.Water the plants with the a spray bottle. Your miniature garden is ready

12. Another way of displaying. Put a small Buddha statue on the rock and instead water put back the candle into the base.

A few of my Miniature Garden Collections