Counted Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is one of the 10 basic stitches I talked about in my Embroidery Page. I picked counted cross stitch particularly because it is very popular among the embroiderers. I too am very partial towards this stitch.

As a beginner, just to get a grasp of the stitch, it would be a good idea to work on the stamped cross stitch kits you get, for example, a pillow cover. But I think the fun starts when you work from a chart onto a blank even weave fabric. One has to keep in mind that you have to be very careful in counting the X's in the chart or else...........

The art work I have shown below , some are Cross stitch kits I bought and the others are designs I got from books.

My Gallery












My Reference & Resources

100 Weekend Cross-stitch Gifts by Barbara Finwall & Nancy Javier

501 Cross Stitch Design by San Hawkins

365 Designs cross stitch all through the year by Sam Hawkins

Gorgeous Cross-Stitch by Chris Rankin

Decorating Your Home with Cross stitch by Donna Kooler

Cross Stitch Country Garden by Jane Iles

The Cross-Stitch Garden by Melinda Coss

Cross Stitch Animals by Jana Hauschild Lindberg

Quick and Easy Garden Cross Stitch by Ann and Michael Lane

Oriental Cross Stitch by Debbie Minton

Hearts & Flower Cross-Stitch by Better Homes and Garden

In My Mother's Garden by The Vanessa-Ann Collection

Details of the designs shown in my gallery above

1. "I'm Perfect" by Cuddle Ups

2. "Cinnamon & Spice" from Simply Cross Stitch magazine

3. "Hang on Kitty" by Sunset Jiffy Collection

4."Proud Peacock" by Dimensions

5. "Enchanted Cottage" by Dimensions

6. "Fishing Village" by Janlynn

7. "Portrait of Christ" by Praying Hands

8. "Humming Bird & Hibiscus" by Dimensions

9. "Classic Roses" by Bucilla

10. "Jungle Tiger" by Dimensions Inc.

11. "Present for Teddy" by Design for the Needle. My first venture into the creative world of counted cross stitch.