Welcome to bottledupexpressions.com

Welcome to bottledupexpressions.com. This website is a medium where I plan to share my creative endeavors. My vision for this site is to provoke artistic abilities in you and to give that a nurturing environment. Hope it will evoke all your creative juices and brighten your lives a little. Please do keep visiting and perhaps something might capture your interest from time to time.

I never had any formal training. Growing up, I was a constant companion to my mom who was an excellent embroiderer and Father who was a gifted artist. But it was in recent years that I have been lucky enough to devote a good number of hours polishing my skills. My interests are varied but as I pick up a craft I do a lot of reading on the subject and I do a lot of web browsing on the topic. In fact, I think the best teacher so far has been the internet. Anyway, I hope I too can inspire someone, the way others have inspired me. I have a dozen or more topics in my site and I sincerely hope that at least a couple of them might inspire you and bring a little sunshine into your life.

You will find some of my Rock Painting, Polymer Clay Jewelry,Tile Paintings and Handmade Greeting Cards in my online store in Etsy.

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Offering workshop for kids who are crafty or who love to give it a try.

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