Soft Pastels

I never thought that a simple visit to a nearby books store one rainy afternoon would lead me to a world of luminous pastels. As I was browsing through the section on painting mediums, I found "The Pastel artist'sbible".  Since then, I have been an ardent fan of this medium.

Though Pastels are of basically 4 kinds-Soft, Hard, Oil and Pencil , I have only tried my hand in Soft Pastel since I find it more convenient to blend and cover large sections. My only problem with soft pastel is that  my hands become very messy and sometimes unconsciously I touch my face. In that respect, Pencil pastels are much cleaner but it is very hard to cover a larger section of your work, At the same time it is excellent for intricate work.


 Tools of the trade

Soft Pastel                                                                                           Pencil Pastel









Details of  Paintings shown in my Gallery

1 & 3  are my attempts to reproduce Karen Margulis' work given in her website (the link to this website is provided in "Refences and Resources" section below).

2 & 4 are my attempts to reproduce Paintings  obtained from the internet.

5 & 6 are my attempts to reproduce Paintings given in the book "The Pastel Artist's Bible" (edited by Claire Waite Brown).

7 is my own creation.

If this has not inspired you then lets move on and see a real Artist Colin Bradley at work. One of the most inspiring Youtube  link I have seen. I  have started practicing with the links I have given below. Hope this is going to inspire you a little more. 

Sky and Clouds


Still water



Rustic Doorway

Continuation of Doorway

References and Resources 

 1.The Pastel Artist's Bible" edited by Claire Waite Brown

2. Karen Margulis'  website I have given below is excellent and has been a great inspiration for me. I would strongly recommend this site. 

Karen Margulis'  website -